March 8, 2024

Amirah Inc

Breaking Down The Fourth Wall

...connecting poronography and trafficking

mary speta
Mary Speta

Mary Speta is a researcher, educator, speaker, and advocate in the movement to end commercial sexual exploitation. Amirah, Inc. provides exit and aftercare services to women who have experienced prostitution, sex trafficking, and commercial sexual exploitation.

Mary utilizes her own lived experience to break down myths, inform policy, and shape adequate evidence-based exit ramps supporting individuals seeking independence from commercial sex. She is completing her Law Degree at Northeastern this year with research focused on the distorted image of prostitution criminalization and policy supporting the exit from the commercial sex trade.

She also has an MA in nonprofit administrative sciences from BU and completed her undergraduate studies at Gordon College.

Mary Speta, Executive Director, Amirah, Inc.

One year ago, Mary joined us and spoke of the need for cooperation and a team effort between NP and Amirah battling the negative effects of pornography and the connection to human sex trafficking. She is back this year to expand upon that connection and share more of her story.

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11apr6:30 pmNathan Project 2024 Annual Benefit and CelebrationBREAKING DOWN THE FOURTH WALL

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