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FMO (For Men Only) Groups

These groups deal exclusively with men and sexual addiction/compulsive sexual behavior and their spouses who suffered in large part because of this issue.


  • A safe place to share your thoughts and behaviors – the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • A two hour weekly meeting with like minded men all struggling with sexual addiction.
  • A place of acceptance where you will build a safety plan to help prevent future relapse.
  • A meeting dedicated to the study of a Christian curriculum with an end goal of healthy sexuality.
  • A place of discipleship where “iron sharpens iron” and men mature in community.

FMO - A Small Group Overview: The 40/60/20 Format

Our For Men Only small groups are structured in God’s grace around accountability and knowledge. We need both in the healing process, but there is a reason why we must put accountability first. Our addictive lifestyles are built on isolation allowing us to keep our secrets. For disclosure to happen, for recovery to begin and healing to take place there can be no secrets. Therefore, we must move toward vulnerable transparency, practiced first in our FMO group, then with our family and significant friends.

40With that in mind, men in FMO groups will spend the first 40 minutes evaluating the previous week's behavior using the FASTER Scale relapse awareness exercise. You will learn how to use this tool during the two to three meetings of the First Steps process before you attend group. We can learn much by evaluating the previous week's behavior; how and why things went well or how and why we have fallen anywhere from Forgetting Priorities to Speeding Up to Relapse or moral failure.

Each person will share their self evaluation guided by the leader with the entire group up to 5 or 6 men or in smaller groups of 3 or 4 as needed. We will read what we have written. Your small group leader or partners will ask "why" questions if they believe your answers need clarification and/or expansion.

60The 60 minute center segment is devoted to the pursuit of knowledge through the current curriculum over and above what you are learning through your devotional life, formal teaching of the Word and persona journaling. For you to experience the value of accountability you must gain both knowledge and a greater sense of self awareness (applied knowledge).

Our primary curriculums are Pure Desire Ministries International Seven Pillars of Freedom workbook and The Genesis Process for Change workbooks One and Two. You will study valuable information on false intamcy involved with porn use and self-sex, false belief systems at the root of your insecurities, sexual addiction and more importantly, you will acquire a greater sense of where you are in your addiction and how you arrived at this place in life. These materials will also give you the tools to risk change and by faith increase your hope!

20The last 20 minutes, of each meeting is devoted to the creation of a new step in your safety/relapse prevention plan and identifying accountability partners for the coming week. This will entail the use of the double bind worksheet to define the obstacle (or problems) you identified in your FASTER Scale. You will then create a plan to overcome them and share with your accountability partners what this plan looks like in action - who, what, where, why and when.